STV PS3 Player - FAQs

  • What is the STV Player for PS3?

    The STV Player uses the Internet to allow you to watch all current programmes on STV for which we have the on-demand rights, at a time which suits you. The usual catch-up window is 30 days, but some programmes may only be available for seven days and, occasionally, even less that.

    We also make some archive programmes from the STV library available for viewing.

  • Why do I need to enter my postcode?

    STV Player for PS3 is only available to users within Scotland. Therefore we require you to enter your postcode so we can verify your location.

  • What do I need to use the STV Player for PS3?

    • A broadband internet connection of at least 1Mbps.
    • Version 9 or above Flash player for your Playstation browser.
    • Version 2.5 or above of the PS3 firmware. This version of the firmware will install flash version 9 on your PS3.
  • Recommended screen sizes

    The STV Player for PS3 is optimised to be viewed on standard or high definition televisions. High definition TVs will receive an enhanced version of the player which takes advantage of the additional space, however the actual content is the same regardless of the TV.

  • Playing a video

    Move the pointer over the select button on the video and press the X key on your controller to play it.

    To view the video in full screen select the double arrowed button the at the very right of the players controls. To come out of full screen press the O on your PlayStation controller.

  • How do I find programmes?

    There are multiple ways to find programmes on the STV Player for PS3. If you know the name of the programme you are looking for, you can browse to it via the programmes A-Z or use the search function by clicking on the looking-glass icon. If you are looking for a particular type of programme, you can browse through the categories section.

    The A-Z page, Categories page and Search page are all available via the navigation along the top of the page.

    When you find the episode you want, click on the thumbnail and it will take you through to the programme page. Here you can watch your chosen programme and navigate to other episodes or similar programmes via the related items strip that sits along the bottom of the page.

  • How can I make sure that children and young people who use this console cannot access unsuitable programmes on the STV Player?

    There is a lock icon at the bottom right of the STV Player video window. Clicking on this will enable you to trigger our parental control option. You will be asked to enter a pin number and email address. This means that from then on, every time someone tries to watch a programme which has a guidance warning, the parental control is triggered. The programme will not play until the correct pin number is entered. When the parental control has been successfully implemented, the lock icon changes to show that the lock is activated.

    If you forget your pin number you can retrieve it by using the lost password option within the parental control. It will be emailed to the email address used when you first applied the pin.

  • What is a Guidance Warning?

    The programmes on the STV Player are available 24/7. This means that shows which have been broadcast on STV after the 9pm watershed are available as part of the catch-up service.

    To signify such programmes, we use guidance warnings. This allows us to indicate subject matter which some people may choose to avoid or to watch when children aren’t present. We will always state the reason a programme has been given a 'G' warning so that you can make an informed choice.

    We also make the transmission time of the programme available. Programmes broadcast after 9pm may well contain content which is inappropriate for younger viewers.

    Each time you select a programme that contains a guidance warning (indicated by the 'G') you will be asked to confirm you are over 18 years of age. Or, if you have implemented the Parental Control, you will be asked to enter your pin.

  • Can I download programmes to watch later?

    No. The STV Player only allows you to stream the video using your Internet connection. This means you can fast-forward, stop, or go back to the beginning as often as you want as the video file is not stored on your PS3.

  • Why does the video picture sometimes freeze?

    Video may pause during playback if your PS3 Internet connection is not fast enough. Even on apparently fast broadband connections, Internet congestion or traffic can result in choppy playback or repeated buffering.

    The STV Player should work fine over your wifi connection on your PS3; however, if you do not have a good signal from your wireless router, you could try a wired connection which is likely to be more reliable.

  • How do I turn off the screensaver option?

    By default, the PS3 screensaver kicks in after 20 minutes, dimming the screen right in the middle of your favourite programme. So you might want to disable the screensaver: Settings > Display Settings > Screensaver

  • I live outside the UK. Why can't I watch many of your programmes?

    The programmes on the STV Player are offered globally only where rights permit. Many catch-up titles are restricted to the UK for copyright reasons. Programmes from the library are made available globally where the rights permit.

    I'm in the UK but I can't view geo-blocked videos (especially Virgin Media / NTL users)

  • I'm still having problems, do you have a Support / Help contact?

    Yes, if you are still having problems with playing any programmes on the STV Player or you have general feedback then please contact our Support Team at

  • Why do we store cookies on your computer?

    We use cookies to store important pieces of information related to the site. These may consist of video identifiers to enable navigation around the site, parental guidance settings and other similar functions. You can see more about STV’s policies in relation to cookies Cookies here .

  • How does the advertising work on STV Player?

    We run pre-roll adverts and sponsorship bumpers before the programme plays. These are typically no longer than 30 seconds. You can click on these adverts to visit the advertiser's website at which point the STV Player will pause, allowing you come back and re-commence your viewing. We try to ensure the advertising does not affect your viewing enjoyment, either by being too long or too intrusive.

  • I have a complaint about a programme on the STV Player. Who do I contact?

    In the first instance, please email The STV Player is an ODPS (On-demand Programme Service) licenced by ATVOD (The Authority for Television On Demand). You can find out more about ATVOD here

  • Is the STV Player a regulated service?

    STV's video-on-demand services are regulated by Ofcom, the independent regulator for the UK communications industries, together with the Authority for Television On Demand (ATVOD) in relation to our video-on-demand editorial content and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in relation to the advertising content appearing on our video-on-demand services. See ATVOD's website for more information about ATVOD and the video-on-demand services it regulates; for more information about ASA and the regulation of advertising content, see ASA's website.

    If you are unhappy about a programme on the STV Player, please write to viewer enquiries in the first instance.